New CP Skin

I have created a new skin that is less blazing orange and more subdued aptly named CPSkin2. Here is a screen cap. Click here to download the skin files.


6 thoughts on “New CP Skin

    • 1. Close ‘Steam’
      2. Open up your ‘Steam’ folder (typically C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam)
      3. If there isn’t a folder called ‘skins’ make one
      4. Copy the ‘Flat-cpSkin2’ folder to the ‘skins’ folder
      5. Start ‘Steam’
      6. In Steam go View > Settings and click on the Interface tab
      7. In the ‘Select the skin you want Steam to use’ box change it to ‘Flat – White on Black’
      8. Click OK
      9. Close ‘Steam’
      10. Start ‘Steam’

  1. “I used Notepad and did a find and
    replace for the hex colors in photoshop”

    Weer i get “Notepad”

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