Avatar Series 2010

Want an avatar? I am planning on doing 10 for the year of 2010, sort of fitting. I will do them on a first come first serve basis. So post your Steam name, avatar idea in the comments and I will begin arting them up. Click on Avatars on the right nav to get an idea of what an avatar could even be, or turn to your inner voice imagination thing. Oh and if you have had an avatar made in the past I hope your enjoying it, but I want to open this for first time avatar seekers only. 🙂

Check back here as this is where I will post them. Again this is first come first serve.

Commencing now…


22 thoughts on “Avatar Series 2010

  1. So as one of the first (maybe the first) to get an avatar, has my contract come up for renewal yet?

    • You know I love all the ASJS peeps, and you were the firsts 🙂 Maybe I will start 2nd rounds after 2012…wait is that the end of the world still?

  2. I’ve never had the pleasure all these years…

    Steam: James Freeman (http://steamcommunity.com/id/JamesFreeman)

    Avatar Idea: Gordon Freeman looking as serious as he always does but holding a keyboard (as in what I’m typing on, not the musical version) instead of a crowbar! Something along those lines, I’m sure whatever you do will be awesome!

  3. Steam name is Farrelm,
    Idea, Similar to the one now, an angry BLU pyro, slightly hunched over, with his arms crossed. On a blue background.

  4. Yes please! I would like an avatar! I think I’ve been waiting for like a year. And I would like it to be Lilybelle. Great combo of southern belle and fiery corporate guru! LOL Thanks! Amy

  5. Heya, Bonzi77. I just barely missed out on last year’s avatar series, and would love to get in on this one. I need a picture of The Old Spice Guy, dressed up as the demo man, Giving a monocle smile. I would love you forever if you did this. ^_^

  6. Would love one!
    Steam name is Rixalabur (regged) But also Sparhawk, which I use on GWJ as well.
    Avatar idea: Sparhawk is a knight. In the series is also plent of magic and Gods. So…is that workable? 🙂

  7. Snuggernaught is also the name of my steam profile.
    -what ever you can think of. I’m sure you have some good ideas
    -a grim reaper-esque apparation with the cloak being an obvious snuggie
    -i may throw a few more ideas up as well

    Thanks Boom! You rock(er)! :BADPUN:

  8. Ah, the legendary BoomRocker returns to lead us to the promised land of avatars.

    Well, if a spot is still open, I suppose I’ll throw my begging in with the rest. Steam ID is Cirosan (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cirosan), and I’m picturing Homestar Runner dressed up as a RED Soldier. He could be either in his traditional stoic up-right pose or screaming at the camera, whichever you think would be more interesting. Feel free to throw in any details you want from that vague description.

    I will brace myself for awesomeness.

  9. Yea boi! Basicly I would like a guy like the one I hav in my avatar now, but of me instead. Posting on my touch, but once we get in contact I can get you a photo.

    Steam: kra2us

    • Actually, I think I would like one similar to my old avatar, a medic, in a similar pose to the infamous penny arcade comic, but here’s the twist, it’s a sheep medic. A little taste of aoteroa (New Zealand) 😉

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