World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir Christmas

This year was a blast! My wife and I had the great opportunity to use our individual talents together again this year. I as theater director and stage background artist and her as dance choreographer. The show we produced with the World Outreach Children’s ministry was “The Secret of Snowflake County”. The entire production used both theater, song, dance, acting and choreography with 300+ children.

Here is a sampling of the backgrounds we projected on a giant theater screen the church had already in place for it’s New Years Series.

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6 thoughts on “World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir Christmas

      • Hey Joe. Thanks for getting back to me. You’re awesome by the way. Love all your stuff!

        I talked with our Graphics guy here at the church and he says the vector files would be perfect! He mentioned .eps & illustrator. Trust you know what that means. 🙂

        Thanks so much for you help. Appreciate it! If you have anything else that might help my wife, feel free to include that.

        Feel free to email them to

        Thanks Joe!


  1. Hi!
    First, I just want to say your artworks are awesome!!
    I am currently serving at my local church and we are actually doing We Three Spies for our Christmas musical this December. Would it be possible for me to use some of your backgrounds and the We Three Spies Enblem for our musical?

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