About Joe

Joe has been doodling and drawing as long as his parents can remember (some even ended up all over his bedroom wall – labeled as “art” by the same parents when Joe left for college.) A film guru Joe decided to attend the film school at the University of Central Florida. It was during this time that Joe took an animation class and his yearn to illustrate and create visual elements took him by storm. He immediately transferred to Graphic Design program and took a focus in the new up and coming Web Design.

Web design and illustration mixed with flash, html, css, and javascript became Joe’s hobby and soon proved to be a valuable asset for his job hunt after graduating from UCF in 2000. He met his wife Kaci and they moved together to Nashville, TN where Joe took a design job with ehc.com – the web strategy arm of HCA Healthcare.

Twelve years and two daughters later Joe is enjoying the ever changing web world. As of now Joe is exploring touch device interfaces – for iPads to iPhones to Droids to an 82″ large format touch screens. Mobility is Joe’s key word for the coming year seeing it as the future of the web as mobile devices become faster and more people rely on them for everyday web connectivity.


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