Abba’s Way Father’s Delight

Abba’s Way expanded their father and child weekeneds from a son only to a daughter event as well named Father’s Delight. The illustration here is heavily inspired by the Sleeping Beauty Disney movie promotional and background artwork. I had a blast doing something so based in pure imagination and watercolor style tones.

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Abba’s Way New Website

Abba’s Way is a website that seeks to encourage, educate and equip fathers to engage with their children. They do alot of cool father son outdoor retreats and helpful writings to inspire dads.

I did the full design and implementation for their look and feel based on the logo work I did for them earlier. They wanted an outdoorsy feel with a sense of legacy and tradition. The worn book leather and earthy fabric textures warms up the site and makes it feel worn, aged, and a well of wisdom from dad’s to sons. At least that’s what I was going for 🙂

Check out the live site here…