Go Glow Kid’s Choir Performance

This was a blast to work on. It was the meeting of church, kids’s choir, theater, gaming, design, chip-tunes, family, robots, illustration, and the 80’s into one explosive performance at World Outreach Church

I did the major creative direction, illustration, stage design, costume design, and even taped all the drums neon. It was fantastic! My wife choreographed all the dance and special performances. She did a great job!

Minute 2:45 is my favorite part — BOSS BATTLE!

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It’s my PHILANTHROPY game!

For our 2010 Caring for the Community campaign they wanted to do a play off of MONOPOLY with the title PHILANTHROPY. Essentially they liked the Mr.MoneyBags character but, in my mind he stood too much for greed and not community involvement. Enter his children, who are more community aware, or something like that.

Each mark represents a playing piece of sort in time, talent, treasure, etc. These will be used in t-shirts, collateral, etc.

Caring for the Community 2010 Logo

The variations of Logo – Treatment VS. Core

There is a difference in a core logo and a treatment of a logo. Also the color usage (Ie: t-shirt spot color print versus CMYK full scolor screen printing).

I present a mark I did a few years back that I stumbled upon for a corporate giving campaign. It shows the difference nicely of logo pahses, treatments, and color depths.

Take notice how the plane changes per the need in the logo artwork to best signify action for the logo usage.

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