“Penny Dreadfuls” for Blackbird Theater’s production of “Magic”

Two buddies of mine and past Trailer Trash Talk podcast co-hosts have been on wild and exciting theater rebirth in nashville. They have partnered with local Lipscomb University to bring back “The Thrill of Theater” to Nashville. The upcoming show “Magic” will be a foray into one of the works of GK Chesterton. Blackbird asked me to do a series of “Penny Dreadfuls” news pulp serials int her 1800’s style for email updates to evoke the style and tone of the era the plays takes place as a teaser for the play. The show looks great so far! “Magic” is to be held in the Shamblin Theater, University of Lipscomb, at 7:30 on the evenings of August 12 & 13, 19 & 20, and 25, 26 & 27.

Here is a video they produced to entice potential theater goers.

Here are my “Penny Dreadfuls” for Blackbird Theater’s production of “Magic”

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