Control Point Episode 100 Poster

Here is the workpiece I had to swear to secrecy until Control Point episode 100 could be official released. Listen to it and enjoy the show and artwork together!

This is also the poster they gave away at the CPCon 03 New years extravaganza!

Control Point Episode 100 Poster
Control Point Episode 100 Poster

The CP guys also have it posted here…

Also here is a special edition poster of Captain oober of Oober Servers fame. Confused? Listen to episode 100 🙂

Captain Oober Watches
Captain Oober Watches

Here is a set of commemorative CP episode 100 Avatars. Use them how you like 🙂


CPCon Avatars & 2009 Series

The Avatar rush has begun again! The first batch will be for those who attended CPCon for the Control Point Podcast community (a podcast about TF2).

The Great Avatar Rush of 2008

The Control Point podcast 49 outted me as the avatar creator for the CP community. I rather enjoy drawing these and seeing them every time I login Steam. So I created a way for communtiy members to request them by listening the podcast I produce, Trailer Trash Talk, and leaving a review on the CP forums. I will be tackling 2 a week here on out. Enjoy!