“Be Mined” Minecraft inspired Poster for Valentine’s Day!

BE MINED poster for fun just in time for Valentine’s Day. Feel free to download and give a heart block to the one you love this Friday the 14th ๐Ÿ™‚

Download the PDF higher resolution for printing.

Be Mined Minecraft inspired poster for Valentine's Day 2014
Be Mined Minecraft inspired poster for Valentine’s Day 2014. Heart block for fun!

Be Mined Poster Minecraft Inspired


David Mamet’s Oleanna Poster for Black Bird Theater

Blackbird commissioned me to produce the marquee poster for their upcoming show of David Mamet’s Oleanna. Inspired by poster designs of the 1960s, specifically Saul Bass, the central theme of the show is the power struggle and miscommunication between men and women. The apple core speaks to the educational setting that the play takes place within, the yelling male and female faces show the power struggle, and the caption spells it out -The Original Power Play.

Read an an article on the upcoming show.

David Mamet's Oleanna poster for Black Bird Theater
David Mamet’s Oleanna poster for Black Bird Theater

Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

There has been a lot of charity activity going on at work, which of course is a good thing. The next one up is a simultaneous chess match. A renowned chess champion, CHALLENGES all HCA Nashville-based employees in a SIMULTANEOUS chess exhibition versus 100 people. Pretty cool concept, and so the poster was born. I designed it as a companion piece to the golf poster collateral I did recently.

Simultaneous Chess Match Poster 1 vs. 100
Simultaneous Chess Match Poster 1 vs. 100

The Shaft 100th Podcast Episode about Minecraft

The guys at the top Minecraft podcast – The Shaft – will be releasing a 100th episode. The episode is complete with an interview with Minecraft creator Markus Perssonย aka Notch.

Here is the poster I illustrated to help celebrate the show. I recreated the Minecraft blocks as vector high resolution quality, the Minecraft HUD into vector, and of course the characters.

The Shaft 100 Podcast for Minecraft
Poster fot “The Shaft ” 100th Podcast about Minecraft

Golf Outing Poster

This is a teaser poster and other collateral I did for our company’s golf outing. The idea is to maximize the impact the imagery can have on an already busy and crowded cork board. Hopefully the simplicity and clear imagery will be more readable. The idea is to use typography and simple imagery. I had fun experimenting with the font typefaces and mezzotint coloring solution.

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Abba’s Way Father’s Delight

Abba’s Way expanded their father and child weekeneds from a son only to a daughter event as well named Father’s Delight. The illustration here is heavily inspired by the Sleeping Beauty Disney movie promotional and background artwork. I had a blast doing something so based in pure imagination and watercolor style tones.

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Control Point Episode 100 Poster

Here is the workpiece I had to swear to secrecy until Control Point episode 100 could be official released. Listen to it and enjoy the show and artwork together!

This is also the poster they gave away at the CPCon 03 New years extravaganza!

Control Point Episode 100 Poster
Control Point Episode 100 Poster

The CP guys also have it posted here… http://deadworkers.com/tf2/img/cp100-poster.jpg

Also here is a special edition poster of Captain oober of Oober Servers fame. Confused? Listen to episode 100 ๐Ÿ™‚

Captain Oober Watches
Captain Oober Watches

Here is a set of commemorative CP episode 100 Avatars. Use them how you like ๐Ÿ™‚