World Outreach Church Kid’s Choir Christmas

This year was a blast! My wife and I had the great opportunity to use our individual talents together again this year. I as theater director and stage background artist and her as dance choreographer. The show we produced with the World Outreach Children’s ministry was “The Secret of Snowflake County”. The entire production used both theater, song, dance, acting and choreography with 300+ children.

Here is a sampling of the backgrounds we projected on a giant theater screen the church had already in place for it’s New Years Series.

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Pacific Overtures

Blackbird Theater is at it again with an ambitious show and they asked me to help out with some logo work, stage design, stage elements creation and illustration. They will be producing “Pacific Overtures” by Stephen Sondheim.

The basic stage concept is a mixed media construction. They will be printing large 8 foot by 4 foot banner imagery from fuedal japan (when the show takes place) and using projection screens along with physically constructed set pieces.

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  • Logo design
  • Large format banner layout and design
  • Projection elemtns design, illustration and design

Kid's Choir Stage Design – World Outreach Church

I had the great opportunity to help direct the drama aspect for the Kid’s Choir Musical at World Outreach Church for the Christmas Program on December 4th, 2011. I was also able to help design the set pieces for the entire show.

  • Directed kid’s drama part of the show.
  • Acted as creative director for the stage aesthetic.
  • Illustrated houses which were printed on sticker and mounted to a door frame. The pieces stood 10 feet by 8feet.
  • Designed gazebo and manger for stage crew to build from.
  • Created collateral elements such as posters for the in-play election theme as well as street signage.

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