HCA IT&S All Hands 2012

This year’s theme was 1964 kitschy world’s fair. This was also the first All Hands for our new CIO, Marty Paslick. We transformed the Belmont arena into a trade show floor with bistro seating, tall bannered booths, a chalk board walk of history, a large flagged grand entrance, 1964 era training video, stylized stage design, and even featured local coffee brewers tastes of Nashville. The video from the event can be seen here on YouTube.

Creative director and vendor consultant for stage production, internal designers, sign vendor, and stage layout designer

Co-produced the event for 1500+ field and corporate employees through presentations, collateral, webcast, and video.

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Video Storyboard

Here are some storyboards I mocked up for a green screen film shoot we did in house for our company’s new employee on boarding. This was part of a larger campaign done by our in-house design group starting with a photo shoot directed by the team.

The protagonist of the piece is imagining what the job is like with a wild imagination. He is a hero in everyday work. The style was to be a cut-out from paper action hero.