Minecraft Vector Blocks and Creeper

I recreated a few of the blocks from Minecraft and the creeper. If you want them come and get them in these high resolution vector versions in easy to use PDF formats! I just ask if you do use them to post a comment here and let me know what you used them for πŸ™‚

Minecraft Blocks
Minecraft Blocks
Minecraft Creeper
Minecraft Creeper

31 thoughts on “Minecraft Vector Blocks and Creeper

  1. My son is going to love this. I am going to use them as well to make them into Fatheads. You should charge for these files! I have been looking online for Minecraft/Creeper vectors and I have yet to find any except yours! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Using it for T-Shirt Design for my Kids Camp Shirt, My children and all my nieces & nephews go to my sisters in New Hampshire for “Camp”. Camp UTAK (Uncle Tuan Aunt Kathy)

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  4. Hi, thanks so much for these! I am making my own birthday invites for my son’s 7th birthday; these graphics make them look like a professional has printed them! It’s not often you find something for free that is of such high quality; thank you for your generosity. Helen, mum of 3 boys, Adelaide, South Australia.

  5. Hi- my company has created a platform called LibraryAware that allows libraries to make print, email and social media materials to promote their collections and programs. Minecraft programs are huge in libraries and I was wondering if we are allowed to download your images into LibraryAware so they could easily use them to make their flyers. We wouldn’t be charging our customers to use the images. Right now we have a starter kit of images and we have a few people on staff who contribute images but it would be such a nice service to our librarians if we could include these Minecraft images them.

  6. Would really like to use this for a tshirt for my sons first day of school. Any chance you send me the actual vector file? Too many colors for vinyl.

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